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I've found a few web sites that might help with the diabetes:

Note that most cookbooks that claim to be good for diabetics are based on the old idea that avoiding sugar, but not easily digested forms of starch, is good for controlling type 2 diabetes.  More recent research has shown that the easily digested forms of starch digest about as fast as sugar, and into the same types of simple sugars.  Therefore, cookbooks labelled low-carb usually work better for controlling type 2 diabetes.  Generally, only various forms of insulin can control type 1 diabetes, though, so you may want to ask her doctor which type she has.

The assisted living facility I'm now in is thinking of adding a building to house seniors who don't need assisted living yet.  Would you like to discuss adding a senior day care center to that building or nearby with them?

Several locations, mostly in Alabama.

Sorry I can't help your financial needs more directly.

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prodigal daughter
 in response to whoknew...   

You are so right.   It is true that I was the black sheep, but I was very comfortable in my own wool.   But I got to tell ya, this responsible stuff is for the birds.   I really miss the freedom of being the black sheep. LOL.

At the end of the day, I am happy with me.   When all is said and done, I will be at peace and greatful for the opportunity that I was given.   This journey has taught me many things.

I have learned to be happy with less.   I have learned that true value is found in the quality of the people you let in your life.  I have learned to like my Mom and respect the life she lived. Most of all, I know what it is like to be really loved by someone, because they love you, not because they need something from you.

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 in response to prodigal daughter...   

I know your situation all too well.. the fact of the matter is you are there when your mom needs you - regardless of your brother and sister - and THAT is what matters most! 

Stay comfortable with who you are - those other people do NOT live your life or pay your bills. Be happy with your own life - no one else's.

 I have a feeling you and mom have a lot in common and now that you have this opportunity to get to know one another better,  you are going to find out just how much. Enjoy your time together and make the most of it!I think you are going to be very surprised!

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prodigal daughter
 in response to whoknew...   

Thanks, but I need to tell you; I haven't always been a wonderful daughter.   I am and was a daddy's girl.   Mom and I have been at odds my entire life.   

I describe myself as the black sheep of the family, never quite as successful in business or marriage, wild as the wind, and I march to a completely different drum.  Believe you me, my brother and sister let me know it.   I have been the conversation at many a dinner table.    But here is the thing, I am comfortable in my own wool.   I miss being the black sheep, it was a heck of a lot more fun that this girl that I have become.    But here is the thing, regardless of what hair ball I coughed up, the one thing I could depend on was Mom.   

I thought this would be the one thing that I could give to everyone.   I was only a gift for Mom.   I am just Steve and Barbara's patsy.   All of my life, I have been their doormat.   I a sign on my back that says, "Thank you" on one side and you flip me over and it says, "Thank you, come again".  

Thank you for your information, I am adding this to my reference book.   Guys, all of this direction and information is money in the bank.   Thank you so much.

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prodigal daughter
 in response to Schmidty...   

Someone responded to me :)  Thanks for all of this information and the chuckle.   No, I am not a crime boss.   I just have never put my story out and not sure what I would do if someone said, OK, I'll invest.  

We just have to make changes and fast.   If I am going to change my career, I want to make sure that in my next professional life, I do something that matters and leave something behind when I go. 

You are right about money.   It has not been a friend to this family.   I will tell you that although, I am making a fraction of what I once made, we are getting by and I am happier in the health care field than anything that I have ever done.

I am passionate about serving and protecting the elderly.  My God, if this could happen in my family, it could happen in any family.  

Here is the message that I want to put out to anyone out there who is going to transfer property inorder to shelter it from medicade: make sure that you preserve a life's interest in that property!

Thanks for all this information Schmidty.   I am building a reference library and will keep you posted on my progress.   Maybe this will work, maybe it won't.   I know one thing for sure, nothing will happen if I don't give this a shot.  

I can hear my father telling me that it is OK to fail, it is just not OK to try.   

As far as the business, here is where I am right now.    I have finished the business plans and feasibility studies.   I have the names reserved and am in the process of incorporation.   Websites for the seed companies should go up in the next four weeks.

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Have you served in the military? There is a reason for the question.I'm from Illlinois and I'm not sure I'm not typing to a crime boss. I won't come alone. That's funny but I do understand what you are saying.

I'm really sorry to hear about your family. I've heard others as bad. It doesn't matter how good your parents are, whether you were raised in a great home or a bad home, some how the phrase money is the root of all evil comes to mind. To phrase it better "the lack of money is the root of all evil". Money being the same as anything you hold near and dear to your heart. So, to correct myself once again " Greed is the root of all evil " No matter how you look at it.

As stated by 'whoknew' try and besides the listing I have on my blog at I have a few more you and any other in Health care might be interested in:

Students interested in Medical Assisting

Scholarship for Medical and Dental Assistants

For Health Information Management Schloarships

If you are a woman over the age of 35 enrolled or accepted in an accredited technical/vocational program

Physician Assistants Students

If you want to be an Orthopedic Nurse a $1,000 to $5,000scholarship send an email to

Critical Care at 

 Medical or Dental Students $1,500 at

Up to $4,000 for Female Medical Students

Respiratory Care Majors       

Health Therapy Profession

When you get ready to start that business let me know, I can get a listing for that.

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Wow! I hope to be as good to my parents when they need me... You are a wonderful daughter!

As for your situation, there may be a resolution... prosper

There is also the small business administration and grant gate 

All are legitimate and none require you to meet anyone in person... I hope this helps... 

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